מגף נשים מעוצב | Dunlop Purofort Vallay

  • מבצע
  • מחיר רגיל 550.00 ₪

Outdoor active
Scotland, the land of John Boyd Dunlop, is the ultimate environment for outdoor activities for which high performing footwear is key to enjoy and overcome the challenge.

Dunlop’s Outdoor Performance Range
This inspired Dunlop to develop the Outdoor Performance Range:
• a high performing range of wellington boots
• providing an outstanding level of comfort and durability
• made of Purofort® Technology providing its high performance character
• adjustable features and premium insole to enhance wearing comfort
• well finished with real leather
• good looks.

Features Dunlop® Purofort® Vallay
• Gusset with water repellent elastic for adjustable fit
• Warm in winter, cool in summer conditions
• Tear and wear resistant
• Premium insole
• Quality leather finish

Colour shaft/sole: forest green/chocolate brown
Size range: 36 – 47
Article: P182433